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Heavy Duty One Touch Open

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# of Pockets 3
Hopper Capacity 1000
Stacker Capacity 200
Reject Capacity 200
Normal Count 1000
Value Count 1000
Fitness Speed 1000
S/N Speed 1000
Dimension(W/H/D) 350X390X400mm
Weight 20kg
Functions Multi Curr. Auto/Mix(20)
Face&Orientation | S/N (OCR) | Fitness
S/N Reading O
Fitness(F type) O
Currency Upto 48
Sensor DualCIS | UV | MG(18ch) | IR | US(21ch)
Connectivity/Interface Serial Port x 3
LAN x 2 (Normal & Debug)
USB x 2
OP Port
OS Linux
Screen External 7" Touch Display
(800 x 480 Pixels)
Options & Special Features Check & Voucher & TITO Scan
Casino Clearance Function
Network Solution (KBMS)
*Specification subject to change without notice.