We count all currency in the world

KR10 / KRC10

High-speed bulk cash recycling solution

Banknote / Coin 4.3 inch Display

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Storage capacity good enough for
small & medium retail stores

Designed to classify upper module and safe (KR10)

Strong Box suitable for 24-hour stores
like gas station (KR10)

Built-in display to support simple maintenance
& management (KR10)


Model KR10 (Banknote)
Dimension (W * D * H) 270 * 690 * 830mm
Hopper Capacity 30 notes
Deposit Speed 5 notes / sec.
Reject Capacity 30 note
Reject Speed 4 notes / sec.
Recycle Storage 400 notes (Up to 4 modules * 100 notes)
Cassette Storage 2,000 notes (Default cassette)
3,500 notes (Optional cassette)
Total Storage 2,400 notes with default cassette
3,900 notes with optional cassette
Display 4.3-inch LCD
Recognition Counterfeit detection, Serial number reading (OCR)
Currencies USD, EUR, GBP, etc. (Other currencies on request)
Safe 4mm strong box
OS Linux
Model KRC10 (Coin)
Dimension (W * D * H) 270 * 690 * 830mm
Hopper Capacity 20 coins (EUR €1)
Deposit Speed 3 coins / sec.
Reject Capacity 30 coins
Reject Speed 14 coins / 4 sec.
Recycle Storage 2,780 coins (EUR €1)
(Up to 8 modules)
Cassette Storage 2,320 coins (Steel box)
Total Storage 5,100 coins (EUR €1)
Display N/A
Recognition Counterfeit detection
Currencies USD, EUR, GBP (Other currencies on request)
Safe 2mm steel sheet
*Specification subject to change without notice.