We count all currency in the world

Our technology

We count all currency in the world

Optical Technology

KAR (Kisan Accurate Recognition) Platform

Kisan Electronics counts worldwide banknotes with full color image processing using multi-wavelength optical sensors.

Kisan Electronics has its own technology for banknote identification. Study on image and signal acquisition through optical sensor for accurate banknote discerning while conveying paper money at an average speed of over 1000 sheets per minute, algorithm study by banknote self-learning based on machine learning, high-speed signal processing technology has been intensively researched. In particular, the image processing of banknotes using optical sensors allows us to perform analysis of wider and more various range of data by acquiring true color images instead of black and white images in the past. This gives us the ability to distinguish between the characteristics of the world's banknote and the subtle differences in true banknote and forgery.

Infrared Sensor

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Through infrared reflection and transmission, an image is acquired then analyzed to detect counterfeit bills.

Ultraviolet Sensor

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By analyzing the signals acquired through ultraviolet reflection and transmission, counterfeit bills and washed bills are detected.