We count all currency in the world


We count all currency in the world

Kisan Workshop for the goal in 2012

Admin 2011.12.29

Kisan Electronics held workshop in Taebaek city where it is eastern side of Korea and
famous for a leisure complex as like casino, golf and ski from 29th to 30th of Dec, 2011.
It is for a concord of members and each team’s morale to achieve the goal.

Each team made a presentation on ‘Differentiation’ after a discussion time.
It was a very meaningful time to share different opinions from each team.
President San Hwan Jang thanked for achieving the goal of 2011 Kisan members.

In President Jang’s speech, he said differentiation is the essential point to be more successful
and the goal for the year of 2012 is to be the 1st place in market share.

He asked all the members to do their best again for 2012.

Kisan almost achieved the goal of 2011 which was to reach 50 million dollars for sales.

In the afternoon at the dinner party, everyone celebrated on their successful achievement for 2011.
Next day, all Kisan members went skiing to refresh their mind expecting the new year, 2012