We count all currency in the world


We count all currency in the world

Tour for exhibition in USA

Admin 2011.10.30

Mr. Shin and Mr. Koh who are a member of Overseas dept. of Kisan electronics,
attended the Global Gaming Exhibition (G2E) held in Sand expo & convention center in
Las Vegas, USA, from Oct 3 to Oct 6, 2011. Around 80% of the companies which
attended the exhibition were in the gaming industry or in gaming development for
casino. However, Among these attendees, companies such as Cummins, Telaris, Ribao, Delarue, G&D and
Glory were in the field of developing banknote fitness sorters and banknote counting sorters.
They were marketing on big-size banknote sorters, cash recyclers and banknote recognition module
in each of their own booth because the field of game is business where cash is transaction so much.