We count all currency in the world


We count all currency in the world

Designation of K-Brain Power

Admin 2016.10.25

KISAN ELECTRONICS was selected as an excellent company with K-Brain Power in 2016.
K-BrainPower ceremony is an annual event organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
It is a business to select and promote specialized companies in the brain industry with a large industrial ripple effect.
K-Brainpower company has outstanding competitiveness as excellent experts in brain competence.
Beyond simple processing and assembly, excellent product planning and ideas are among the key factors in creating products that add value to the company.

The selected companies are provided with support of human resources, developments, and funding, plus other benefits for government-sponsored programs.
KISAN has embedded technology such as high speed bill recognition, counterfeit detection, serial number recognition, and tape detection
using precision sensors such as IR, UV, MG, CIS, and US.
This technlology got recognition the possibility of adding value to the financial and banking industry in the field of embedded software.