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We count all currency in the world

Lovely Performance from DEEP2000, Russia

Admin 2013.03.06

DEEP2000 from Russia which this company is one of the best dealer and the biggest market
to Kisan performed very special dance called “Grandmother Dance” for the event.
They was wearing a red costume to look as like a grandmother and singing and dancing.
It was very impressed to everybody and they gave us many laughs and graced the occasion with great performance.
As we know it was not easy to prepare the performance for us, we were sincerely grateful to their passion.
DEEP2000 was established in 1992 and located in Moscow. DEEP2000 is very strong on the after service having
a lot of service center throughout Russia and has been Kisan’s dealer since 2003.
Kisan also performed the flamenco dance to give our thanks and recognition to all of the guests and we hope
this makes you happy as Kisan’s partner.