We count all currency in the world


We count all currency in the world

Banking System Tour in Korea

Admin 2012.12.18

Last December, we had a particular event with people from Deep2000, our Russian dealer,
in Korea as a kind of promotion field trip.

Deep2000 was designing a marketing activity to invite influential bankers from CIS country
who they are using Kisan products as an end user of the machine and make field
trip to Kisan and Korean banks.

They had stayed for 4 days in Korea having a lot of activity as like visit of Korean banks
and Kisan office and sightseeing. Especially, the bankers were interested in Korean banking
system when they visited 2 major banks, Woori bank & Shinhan bank, in Korea and they asked
so many questions.
Also, they were interested in Kisan’s production process and new product release so much.

In the event, Kisan Electronics supported tour cost in Korea and all the programs during
the period under one-team spirit between Kisan and Deep2000.

We hope our support is helpful to dealer’s marketing activity.