We count all currency in the world


We count all currency in the world

A community of thought through the books

Admin 2012.10.18

Kisan Electronics has received books from Industrial Bank of Korea(IBK)
who it is Kisan’s main bank for banking account. T

his event is started to the effect that IBK encourage bankers to read
many books and to share their thought with customers.

Especially, a president of IBK Mr. Junhee, Jo decided to donate the books
to Kisan after he saw a lot of bookshelves in Kisan’s cafeteria on the
4th FL during his visit in MAY.

In the event, Mr. Hwan Su, Jung, a vice-president of IBK, said,
“We are reading a same book and we can form emotional sympathy between IBK and the company.”

Mr. Jang also said, “ We are giving the books with our cooperators after all Kisan members
read the book to reflect the purpose to share thought with customers.”