We count all currency in the world


We count all currency in the world

Certificate of NET (New Excellent Technology)

Admin 2012.08.23

Kisan Electronics received NET certification for “Counterfeit note detection method
using multi-wavelength cross-scanning technology” at the 2nd ceremony organized by
the Agency of technology for Ministry of Knowledge Economy on Aug 23, 2012.

NET (New Excellent Technology) certificate is one of the system which government
acknowledged the products that be applied to excellent technology, feasibility,
performance and quality developed by domestic companies or research institutions, universities.

The NET certificate will be awarded three times by government for the technology expecting
large economic effect and to contribute to the improvement of national competitiveness.

Kisan Electronics developed new model to get the counterfeit note image using visible light,
IR reflection and IR transmission cross scanning at the same time.

Therefore, detection rate of counterfeit note is raised.