Dear Customers

Walking on a single path as a specialized company of Banknote sorters in last 15 years, We, Kisan Electronics Co., Ltd, has now become to export our products to about 45 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle-east, Central and South America , Oceania and so forth over the world

The numerous trials and difficulties we went through have been entirely preserved in the accumulated technology, experiences, and the skilled manpower at present

Our continuous R+D activities such as an analysis and software development on each currency of various countries, a banknote fitness algorism development, more accurate and reliable sensors and an electronics device development, a diverse product user environment development etc. have led the level ahead of any other competitive products in the world.

According to the world-wide trends of increasing currency par-value and risks with counterfeit notes, we have developed 1+1 pocket banknote counter, Newton-V which can detect counterfeits perfectly at front line of a financial institution where circulated banknotes come in, and Newton-F which can conduct fitness function at bank branches with moderate prices in accordance with the growing spread of ATM machines.

In the rapidly changing financial situation we¡¯d promise to do our best endlessly on developing new-technology and products with a venture spirit for customer¡¯s convenience and efficiency. We¡¯d like to ask your cheering and support in future